Goldcap challenge!

Dusting off the old blog to record my journey to goldcap.

I’ve joined a challenge set by a wow goldmaker called Old Bess – you can find him on twitter at @Old_Bess and/or on youtube

You can find the video about his challenge by clicking THIS

I am a week late to the party as I only found out about it today (Thank you DozerBob!) but you can join at any time.

I’ve decided to use 4 of my toons for this challenge – Linmei (100 mage), Saisa (100 monk), Aurielle (100 priest) and Kellyn (97 paladin).

As per the rules they now all have 0c and anything sellable is now on a non participating alt.

Here they all are, all at 0c (forgot to open my bag on Saisas screenie but you can see from my UI that she’s at 0c!)

WoWScrnShot_102215_170559 WoWScrnShot_102215_181647 WoWScrnShot_102215_181837 WoWScrnShot_102215_195154

Let’s do this!

Till next time,

Saisa paw-print

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