Mei I introduce Meilin :)

Hello again friends!

Mage week!


I have a huge soft spot for Mei – she has been a long term toon of mine, starting off as Gnome, I then transferred to Horde where she became Blood Elf. I must admit I’m really not a fan of Blood Elves but she was maxed on Enchanting and Tailoring so I went BE for the racial Enchanting bonus.

Her name at the time was Lorenza. Fast Forward to MoP and as you may have already noticed (or you will soon enough) I have my own personal love affair with Pandaren, any class I have that can be a Pandaren is a Pandaren 🙂 My Hunter Kouki started off as human called Kyrissa, she was my Double Agent Ally so went straight to Pandaren when I transferred her to Horde. As I got a free name changes with my race changes I wanted something more MoP’ish for them all so have changed all of their names 🙂

I was stuck for a while on what to do with Mei as she’s pretty much my #2, when I’m not doing something on Saisa it’s usually Mei who comes out. She’s decently geared, has her transmog so I wasn’t too sure what to do.

I use Mei as my Battle Pet Master being a mage she can travel more easily to collect pets so for Mage Week I’ve decided to concentrate on Pet Battles with her.

I’m still relatively new to Pet Battles so there is lots to do! I still have some achievements to earn and a TON of pets to collect, I’m also aiming to get 30 (or is it 35?)  level 25 pets for the new Timeless Isle pet features.

Until next time,

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Alt Appreciation Catch-Up!

I’ve been soooo slack with my blog and it’s brand new, urgh, I’m such a failure!

I thought I’d better catch up with my alt appreciation posts as I haven’t done a round-up on any yet, oops!

Viv – My Death Knight:

I have to say I enjoy(ed) playing her. I got her to level 68 and she’s fully loomed as I have every intention of getting her to 90. I may even make her my first ever tank! I’ve played her a couple of times since DeathKnightWeek finished but not too much unfortunately, I think she will be a slow leveller especially with 5.4 here this week

Lelly – My Druid

I did do a mid week post on her and I’m glad to say that I did finish off her mog set! As you can see from this screenie her and her little little Blossoming Ancient seem very pleased with her new attire!


Kouki – My Hunter

I never really got time to introduce you to Kouki, I went away for the weekend, I left Friday afternoon and came back Sunday evening so she really wasn’t played that much. I did decide on a mog set for her though, this time a little more time consuming to get, I’ve chosen the set from AQ, it’s so pretty! I have all the items I need, just not the rep so it’ll take a few runs on a weekly reset but I think it’s worth it!


I will do a separate post introducing my Mage as I’m still undecided what to do with her this week so far!

Until next time,

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