Well hello!

Welcome to my blog!

I will do the obligatory blog-first-post thing and tell you that I’m getting used to it and there will be more content and all that jazz.

After finding a huge (and lovely!) WoW community on Twitter where everyone (and probably their mum) has a blog I thought it best I get on the old bandwagon and join in too.

I’ll be covering all things WoW, I have a lot of time to play so have many alts and things I do so it’ll be a complete mixed bag!

One of my main interests at the moment is delving into the Gold Making club, it’s been lots of fun and I’m planning on making weekly updates on my journey to gold cap and beyond – or they may be more frequent if anything exciting happens (like a nom nom purchase!)

I’ll also be taking part in Alt Appreciation week, most definitely looking forward to it! This week is Death Knight week – I’ve never made a DK before so what better excuse do I need?

You can find out more about Alt Appreciation here: http://laeleiweyn.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/alt-appreciation.html

Until next time

Saisa  paw-print


9 thoughts on “Well hello!

  1. Welcome to blogworld! I noticed you started following my previous wordpress blog, so I wanted to stop by, and leave you a link to the blog on it’s new domain name. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!

    • Ohh, thank you!
      I ran the ‘find your friends’ search with my Twitter contacts and I think it got added that way, I’ll update now, thanks for the warm welcome to blogworld! 🙂

    • Hi Navimie!

      Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m really enjoying this blog already, hoping to fill it out a bit more this week with more content in my posts 🙂

      I’ve added your blog to my ‘blogss I follow’ list!

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